Panduit products range from 1500 to 2000 types . Dominating the cable industry and fiber products . Always maintaining a  Edge on  Colour and durability . You will find most items in stock . Also being the First to Introduce Panduit into Bangladesh you will find reliable sales service you can guide in selections of items and part ID ,many might not know but Panduit also has launched Net Key a more small Enterprise solutions


To be your first choice in renewable energy power solutions by manufacturing reliable and durable products while building long term relationships with our employees, customers and suppliers


Air purifications is a growing need in this industrial world . More cities are having trouble maintaining their carbon and dust level in the air we breath and need to survive. Hospitals, Schools and Private homes are having to cope with the dust and Virus like SARs Bird Flue . airdow purifiers are perfect affordable solutions.



RAXXES as the name suggests is all about RACKS and Cabling products . Established with Singapore company that provides design and quality guidance . most common racks from China which follow one design pattern . Raxxesglobal maintains a small factory in Dhaka to provide fabrications and design that no other manufacture can match .The ultimate in cabling and implementation design .

A full array of products which provide total solutions for your office . Not just backup but customized products to suit your needs. ATM machines that need Solar UPS . Hospitals that need 8 hours backup Schools Factories and many other institutions . We offer 2 to 3 year warrantee schemes . Cheetah is solutions provide in a true sense with highly technical abilities . Presently in manufactures of PCB boards for small rack mount UPS .



    Cisco products need no introduction . A pioneer in IP networking and Internet Protocol this manufacture is here to stay in the IT industry . Routers to Fiber switches and accessories . Netlink2 can give you up to 2 years of warrantee . Reputed sources such has ANIXTER and CDW .For USA direct order of any product can be sourced out and delivered with speed and attractive prices .                



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