Netlink2 historic journey moves on

1999   Panduit Corporations comes to Bangladesh . Sets up its first reference site in The British Council
2000   Panduit approaches Netlink2 take distribution in Dhaka

                                                             2001   Panduit launches official in 5 star hotel . Evening events spent with guest from all corporations ( next day hartal ) Panduit CEO Robert whisked to the airport in an ambulance ...ha ha
    Left : Me telling Robert ( I hope you going to stay and not run ! ) Right : Prabeer Sarkar  a close  associate of Netlink2   welcoming the guest

2001 Netlink2 takes part in the ' US Trade Show ' many come to know about structured cabling and Legal sale of software . Displays products for YDI  US  based company pioneer in Campus Internet LAN . Representing SYMANTEC  laying the foundation of legal antivirus software .. Secures deals with two leading Telcom providers later .Sheba telecom and Akatel  and ISD School .

2002 Netlink2 enjoys another year of prosperity . Take  part in the US trade show  . Focus on developing standards in cabling for corporations that have to invest in IT infrastructure to sustain the their business .

TELULAR fixed GSM sign agreement for marketing its products in Bangladesh . A time when land line connection took 3 years in paper work . The TELULAR devices uses a GMS sim to connect to PABX devices . US Ambassador shaking hands with Mr Lewis
  Netlink2 adds Vero President to its Distributor list: Joe Roddricks from Bombay office visited Bangladesh for survey and market plan with Netlink2. Vero and Netlink2 hope to launch at a local hotel in the coming months .
  Netlink2 opens office in Singapore : Now Netlink2 starts a new venture in Singapore as a expansion . Mr. Francis a Singaporean businessman shall be looking after operations in Singapore for Netlink2 interest. Netlink2 will be able to offer fast supplies and delivers to all its clients all over the world .
Netlink2 gets its first international taste . Invited to submit for international tender Singapore NTU oldest university internationally acclaimed with Nobel laureates heading its faculty . Unfortunately Bangladesh was not members for international tender forum , so Netlink2 declined . It was accelerating experience getting to this level  . Netlink2 would be working with local and contractors and also team of technician from Bangladesh .

  2004  Netlink2 first overseas trip to Nepal . Takes part in the biggest CAN computer trade fair ..Response is good and tie with a local SI to promote RAXXES products . Palace gets a taste of RAXXES . A beautiful country with nice people . Clean air and majestic view other no country in the world . Nice places to visit and a cool night life

old airpor                               
 arrived in the most dangerous airport in the world 12pm raining and cold . But checked into a the great hotel with nice bar.Great  food  

   2006 Netlink2  takes part at the Bhutan Trade Fare . The only Bangladeshi IT company to take this step . Trying to create a global market was our vision . A growing market and also computer awareness cultured society .                     

Air port and beautiful sites another country with clean AIR !

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