Netlink2 was first founded in 1998 by Mr. Ulrich Barlow who worked for British Government (British Council HMG). Mr. Barlow served as Technical Engineer, Facilitation Manager and Country IT manager. His 10 years of service brought him to work with  Computers and Networks as early in 1989, when IT industry was still in its infancy . He worked with different OS systems such as BOS (British Operating System ) Commodore ,IBM OS2,NOVELL , IBM Lotus Notes and many more . Trained in UK working closely with IT policy and systems way  back in 1991 gave him advantage overview of things to come and where the industry would unfold .He was also actively involved in  leading  a team of computer specialist involved in the GTI (Global WAN Tech Infrastructure) in UK . In 1994 they wanted to first set standards of all BC office around the world in over 98 countries that involved writing up a IT policy Bible where each country head swore to follow  . The second stage of this project was to link each Country with VSTAT (very small aperture terminal) that could connect Multimedia Banks  and Library services ..The whole project was budgeted at 6 million pounds . Unfortunately most countries were much lacking behind and could not further this completion .. But his endeavor was much ahead of time . He also lead a team of programmers to merge data from Archive paper data to Sophisticated Library automation systems software called Libsys, with team of Indian software programmers in 1994 . He also provided internet browsing for library and office users when only Internet was via access dialup modem . by using a ingenious system called modem paralleling which was un heard off then .He was able to use 3 modem to dialup into 3 accounts giving the speed and reliable connection needed for large organization . This was much before we had broad band or wireless . Mr Barlow also pioneered his own research with fellow team members to develop a mailing system with Lotus CC mail to connect all British Council Branches in the country . During time where FAX was the way of communication .

Mr Barlow also worked as technical adviser and also local implementation design with various Theater Groups from the UK that performed at OSMANI and DHAKA Museum providing  support for sophisticated Lighting consoles that used computer programmed cues .His vast knowledge in Electronics and Electrical devices lead to setup the First Surround Theater in British Council Auditorium in 1996. New trend in sound engineer affects . His interested and knowledge of addressing  technical solutions with clear and open mind has lead him to tie up with Metal Fabrication companies in Singapore using CNC ( computer numerical control) He plans to manufacture these machines and produce world standard metals parts used in the industry and export . He was also interview by leading daily Bangladesh Observer about the future of Software and expansion property intellectual ACTs . Mr. Barlow is still expanding his business and always believes the world problems can always been solved . If more people and world leaders would think :”out the box”

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