Changing office building can be a night mare . We provide setup and relocations of office space and interior design consultancy and service . We  provide the most setup of your computer network and PABX setup .  Also complete layout plan of wiring and schemes so you can operate independently in the future . Also supply of heavy and light office equipment backed up with warrantee and service claims . Because we care that your setup will work after the move we make sure to have the right support staff on the job..

    ref : SEDEF / American School / Save The Children/World Bank / ADB Bank

                                          Industrial setup has its own standards that are similar to military equipment military equipment . We have expertise and     knowledge of how your infrastructure should be and necessary products need to withstand 24 hours 365 days of  operations .  Fiber optic ring , FTP cabling , Alternative power for out-door equipment and backup . Security lighting " The Lights Never Go Off "  special LED lights have life span of over 80 times conventional CFL or other forms of lights .                   


        Office supplies are very important in maintaining your organization run smoothly
We supply Laptop , Desktop, UPS , Photocopier , Quality printing paper , marker
board pens , Projectors and many more . All from genuine source and warrantee .
You can have our up coming stationary item catalogue for you to choose .


 Locate Furnished Flats, Houses for Expats & Foreign Consultants. Rent a Car Service or
Personal Car for Family use on contract basis. This is new venture to make sourcing and lease out more easy . As the economy grows service and facilities are going to be needed . Out -sourcing will become a important business



SECURITY  : Netlink2 has partners with International company HOMMSGS Singapore who is specialized in dealing with large scale security issue and setup for Embassy , Oil Tankers , UN bodies , Building and vehicles security .We here at Netlink2 had training and implementation capabilities for installations and maintained for those interested .  Please contact and our services ..
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