Founded  in 2001, Netlink2 laid the foundation for organization dedicated to workmanship and personalized service, emphasizing the importance of standards and practical experience. provide services to the growing corporate culture that need sound infrastructure to   maintain their operations . From setting up office LAN to office furniture and supplies. We have the manpower and skills to ensure this gets done . To backup this service Netlink2 team served in for 10 years international reputed organizations that lead the way to in setting office standards and practices . With highly recommended client list and excellent track record you will find that you have made the right choice . You may wish to go over our services .         

For our vendors because our years and experience over the last 12 years we have been able to acquire range of product distributions . Netlink2 has a strict policy of vendor corporate interest which makes us unique so the client can choose his own vendor , still maintaining support and warrantee for products in the supply chain .We also are able to apply strength to our vendors and offer support services and consultancy for technically implementation . Our installation and support range from LAN , WAN , Fiber optics and electrical energy to run these installations successfully where no Grid exist .

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